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Audubon Summer EcoCruise

This eco-tour will take you close enough to get great views of such birds as the Black-Crowned Night-Heron, Glossy Ibis, Double-Crested Cormorant, Egret, and many more! We offer three distinct tours: Jamaica Bay, Brothers Island and the Hoffman and Swinburne.



Pier 16 in historic South Street Seaport, Downtown Manhattan

Pricing and Schedule:

See below for pricing and dates for each respective tour


Map & Directions

Visit the New York Harbor and see the many islands of the huge Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, nesting osprey, and all wading bird species. Birds you may see on this tour include: Osprey Peregrine falcons, Willets and other shorebirds and much more!

The Jamaica Bay EcoCruise

This tour includes great views of Statue of Liberty, Governors Island and the Verrazano Bridge. Birds you may see on this tour include: Great egrets, Snowy egrets, Little blue herons, Black-crowned night herons, Yellow-crowned night-herons and much more!

The Hoffman and Swinburne EcoCruise

On this tour you will get close views of egret colonies, see building ruins on North Brother Island, and have great views of Manhattan skyline at sunset. Birds you may see on this tour include: Great egrets, American oystercatchers and much more!

The Brothers Island EcoCruise

Pricing: Adults-$65, Child(3-12)-$35 Dates: June 8th, July 6th and August 10th. This tour runs from 6:30PM-9:30PM.

Jamaica Bay EcoCruise

Pricing: Adults-$35, Child (3-12)-$25. Dates: June 15th, June 29th, July 13th and July 27th. This tour runs from 7PM-9PM.

Hoffman and Swinburne EcoCruise

Pricing: Adults-$35, Child(3-12)-$25. Dates: June 22nd, July 20th, August 3rd and August 17th. This tour runs from 7PM-9PM.

Brothers Island EcoCruise

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Gabriel Willow is an urban naturalist with a particular passion for birds. His tours focus on seeking out the overlooked and ignored elements of wilderness hiding all around us. He has led tours to all five Boroughs, throughout NY, and abroad.

Meet The Tour Guide - Gabriel